Place your ads for free until:
1st January 2018

Wight Classifieds has recently launched  to provide the Isle of Wight with what we believe to be a cleaner, brighter and faster Classified Ad site. One of the amazing features is the lightning-fast search facility built into the software. With 1,000s of users and 1,000s of ads you can find anything which is listed – fast!

From the founder of Wightbay, Wight Classifieds includes many improvements. Firstly, we do not display any banner ads on the site thus keeping a clean, fast and easy to use interface for the user. We do not allow any trade service ads on the site, these type of ads tend to sit on the site forever and simply clutter the site, after-all we are not a business listing directory.

You will also notice that we have also limited categories in which you can list items. We have avoided categories which attract low priced items, for example we have not included any categories for clothes, Cd’s, DVDs as we have found in the past that users place these type of items on the site for small amounts, i.e.: £1.00-£5.00, we will let our competitors continue with these type of listings. This is not the market we are aiming for.

Moderation – Security

Good Ads, Bad Ads?

One of the biggest problems with classified ad sites is moderation. Many classified ad sites allow users to directly place ads onto the site without any form of checking or moderating.

We have solved this issue. Our team of staff manually check every single ad submitted to our site, prior to the ad going live. This means there will be a slight delay between placing your ad and your ad going live onto the site, we feel this slight delay far out weighs the alternative, a site full of ridiculous listings.


Every ad submitted is moderated and checked by a member of our staff, thus filtering out listings placed by scammers, trades people and BOTS as found on similar sites.

Income – how does it work?

Running any web site incurs costs, staff, servers and maintenance.

So, I can hear everyone saying, how do Wight Classifieds generate income if they do not allow trade ads, banners and advertising?

We feel that if we provide a stable, fast, clean and secure site for Isle of Wight residents to advertise their items in return they will support and consider paying a small fee to advertise their items on Wight Classifieds.

The income generated from Wight Classifieds will be spent on marketing the site across the Island to increase membership and pay a team of full-time staff to fulfil our promise of a stable, fast, clean and secure site.

We are willing to initially invest our time and money in order to get the site off the starting block and entice users to register and place ads.

How? Users can register and place ads free of charge on Wight Classifieds until the 1st January 2018. Thereafter, there will be a small charge for each ad placed. For users who feel they would use the site more frequently there will be tailored packages available.



We believe that providing support is paramount to an efficient website. We have support lines which are manned by our experienced team members who will be there to assist and help with any problems you may come across.

Support lines are open between the hours of
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
01983 214050

Saturday – Sunday
10am – 5pm
07841 520673

Spread the word!

Wight Classifieds can grow quickly by people on the Island spreading the word. So please take the time to Facebook, Tweet and inform all your friends and family about this exciting new Classified website.

Thank you and please,
spread the word and place ads