Income – how does it work?

Running any web site incurs costs, staff, servers and maintenance.

So, I can hear everyone saying, how do Wight Classifieds generate income if they do not allow trade ads, banners and advertising?

We feel that if we provide a stable, fast, clean and secure site for Isle of Wight residents to advertise their items in return they will support and consider paying a small fee to advertise their items on Wight Classifieds.

The income generated from Wight Classifieds will be spent on marketing the site across the Island to increase membership and pay a team of full-time staff to fulfil our promise of a stable, fast, clean and secure site.

We are willing to initially invest our time and money in order to get the site off the starting block and entice users to register and place ads.

How? Users can register and place ads free of charge on Wight Classifieds until the 1st January 2018. Thereafter, there will be a small charge for each ad placed. For users who feel they would use the site more frequently there will be tailored packages available.